SPA treatments: relaxation for health and beauty

If you ask a woman what gift would be especially nice for her, eight out of ten in the list of wishes probably mention a trip to the spa. To feel the effects of relaxing treatments, to feel how the body relaxes and becomes saturated with vital forces – is that not a dream? But the benefits of spa treatments are already appreciated by men – there are more and more fans of these miraculous methods among the stronger half of mankind.

In the modern, broadest sense of the word, SPA – a procedure for improving the body that uses water in all its forms – from seaweed wraps and salt peels to the thermal baths. But a spa today is not only and not so much a cosmetic procedure as a whole ritual, aimed at removing toxins, rejuvenating and improving the skin, and activating the metabolic processes in the body as a whole.

There are two ways of interpreting the term: some people believe that SPA is an abbreviation of three Latin words Sanus per Aquam, meaning “health through water”, while others believe that the complex is named after the Belgian resort Spa, famous for its healing springs.

Spa procedures for hair

The specialist “kit” usually includes such procedures as hot wraps for making hair elastic and strong, mineralization for restoring color and bleached hair, lamination with various extracts of algae, sealing hair structure and making locks smoother. Other services are also available, including measures to restore, nourish and moisturize the hair, peeling and cleansing the scalp, masks to stimulate growth, etc.

Facial Spa treatments

Facial spa treatments can help to get rid of signs of fatigue and lack of sleep, remove the first wrinkles, and make the skin firmer. The salons will offer you scrubs and peels, vitamin and clay masks, massages, and apparatus procedures. Lotions, creams, and cosmetics based on sea minerals will help consolidate the results.

Hand spa treatments

Often spa programs for hands include only manicure, but, in fact, they include the whole ritual of hand skin care – relaxing baths with sea salt, rejuvenating masks, massage with aroma oils. Paraffinotherapy is very popular in recent years, and not only among women but also men, because everybody wants to have well-groomed hands. Also, the salon will help you to choose a suitable hand cream that you can (and should) use at home.

SPA procedures for the feet

Beautiful legs are the “business card” of a woman; therefore various SPA complexes for feet have become the “masthead” for the ladies of any age. Depending on your individual peculiarities and needs you may be advised to have antiedematous and antivaricose procedures. Baths with salt and essential oils will help to get rid of leg fatigue, special wrappings (mud, algae, even chocolate) – from unsightly “stars” and overly visible veins, manual and hydro massage will contribute to finding the lightness of gait.

SPA body treatments

It is hard to overestimate the benefits of spa procedures for the body: they include detox, rejuvenation, anti-cellulite measures, whole body relaxation, getting rid of minor inflammations, improving metabolism, and much more.

Popular spa procedures for the whole body:

  • salt and algae peels;
  • wrappings – from mineral (with mud, algae, and even mud) to pearl and silk;
  • baths: sea, milk, modeling, relaxing;
  • Jacuzzi with whirlpool, steam room, hammam, sauna.

Separate attention should be paid to massage, which occupies a key place in the complex of spa procedures. The most popular choices include Thai, Balinese, stone and aroma-bag massage, anti-cellulite, relaxing, toning, and many others. The massage is usually preceded by a set of skin cleansing procedures. For example, steaming in the hammam, scrubbing or wrapping. Skillful hands of a masseur, relaxing atmosphere, aroma oil smell – all this allows the effect to be achieved in three directions simultaneously – psycho-emotional, aesthetic and therapeutic.

This is by no means a complete list of services that can be included in the ritual of spa body care. Already after the first session you will feel the beneficial effect of the procedures and you will want to come again. However, this will only be for the best – regular spa treatments will make your body not only more beautiful but also healthier.

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